a bunch of assfuckin faggots who ass fuck eachother. see Jonas Brothers
bitch - NLT are so awesome! i wish i could fuck them!!

people with LIFES - but you wont, cause there GHEY! they all assfuck eachother!
by LOLLERCOASTER69 January 13, 2009
Top Definition
A boyband consisting of Travis Garland, Kevin McHale, JJ Thorne, and V! Signed by TUG Records.
NLT is da bomb. A SEXY BOMB!
by Hannah L. June 05, 2007
NLT is a shortened version for No Later Than
Please provide feedback NLT Wed Oct 10.
by Juan Yanes October 12, 2007
Nice little tities
Damn! the Starbucks girls has NLT!
by _lej April 20, 2011

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