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"Non-Interactive Scene"
Primarily used in the games industry to describe a cutscene where the players control of the character has been temporarily deactivated to watch a series of events.
Dude, did you see that NIS where that zombie jumps out the hallway and knocks you down the stairs? I totally papped myself.
by Gimble Shanks July 14, 2006
10 14
Niš is a city in Serbia and one of the oldest cities in the Balkans, and has from ancient times been considered a gateway between the East and the West.
Constantine I, ruler of the Byzantium empire (4th century) was born at Naissus, (today called Nis, Serbia)
by CrnaStrela September 05, 2005
46 26
another word for penis
All these girls on my nis
by Graham Morgan January 20, 2004
55 45
A reference to Male Genitals and Anus based on context.
ex. 1: Hey babe, wanna do it in the nis? (anus)
ex. 2: Dude, look at my giant nis! (penis or anus)
ex. 2: She totally just polished my nis (penis)
by this nis dudes December 12, 2009
20 12
Shorthand for penis.
Hey Melissa, are you gunna get some of that 'nis tonight?
by EvilSp0rk April 12, 2006
7 4
1) of or relating to your personal space
2) an object or task that you cannot describe with English words

Other variation: nis-nis
"She was all up in my nis."
"We'll do the nis-nis and then get a sandwich."
by Amy D. April 25, 2005
8 9
Abbreviated version of penis. Slang.
"You are such a nis head"
by scoophead November 29, 2009
3 6
A shortened, slang version of penis. Meant to be in the style of ridiculous 1980s slang most likely said by some in the Valley of California.

Origin: South Side of Chicago neighborhood Mount Greenwood
"Ah man, she hit me in the nis!"
by Dave Losso November 11, 2007
8 12