NFTY or the North American Federation of Temple Youth, is part of the youth division of the URJ, or Union for Reform Judaism. NFTY is the coolest way to meet other jewish teens. The events and retreats are so much fun and everyone should be a part of it. Everybody should come to convention in LOS ANGELES because it is going to be so much fun.

NFTY socal is by far the coolest region.

The NFTY cheer:

Say what's your name? Say NFTY!
Say what's your name? Say NFTY!
Say what's your name? Say NFTY!
Gonna live and die for N-F-T-Y!

NFTY's in the front HEY HEY HEY
Let me hear you grunt HEY HEY HEY
NFTY's in the middle HEY HEY HEY
Let me hear you giggle Ha Ha Ha!
Never in the rear No, no, no
Let me hear you cheer!

Ya got it? Yeah!
Ya got it? Yeah!
It's in my knees, my knees are weak
It's in my mouth, I cannot speak
It's in my hair, it's over there,
it's over there, it's everywhere!

Say what's your name? Say NFTY!
Say what's your name? Say NFTY!
Say what's your name? Say NFTY!
Gonna live and die for N-F-T-Y!
I went to a NFTY socal event at camp hess kramer last weekend it was so much fun
by NFTYSOCALGIRL December 27, 2004
Top Definition
North american federation of temple youth, kick ass place where jews go to hang out. way better than bbyo.
NFTY is the best. jews are so cool
by nwisthebest November 02, 2004
north american federation of temple youth or the best damn jew fest for reform youth around...aka a hook up fest...nftyites know how to party and take this very seriously...shabbat is greeted with serious song sessions and dancing...and if you get lucky hooking up...
jew1: hey you going to nfty this weekend?
jew2: yeah its going to be a flippin party
jew1: I want to hook up!
jew2: same--lets go..there are some fly jewish hotties
by KARATEKID August 25, 2005
the most amazing thing in the world!!!!!!! it helps jewish teens come together to be awsome and jewwy...

oh and it is like a zillion times better than bbyo
chick:hey are you going to nfty?

girl:ummm hex yes!!! i love nfty

chick:me too it makes me feel all jewwy inside

girl:i know bbyo sucks

chick:heck yes it does

girl:YAY NFTY!!!

chick:YAY JEWS!!!!
by mogget January 09, 2007
A Jewish youth organization that sucks serious ass hole.

Not one person likes nfty....BBYO IS AMAZING
Kid 1: are you going to NFTY tonight?
Kid 1: i know =-(
by The Thing 94 April 19, 2010
NFTY is a bitch ass version of BBYO where the hire advisors to tell them what to do, and they have as many rights as a Jewish Woman in the middle of the crusades, and are so desperate they needed to create a scoring system for hooking up (NFTY Points)
Jimmy: I don't like this activity and no one does can I go back to my room.
Advisor: NO!!!!

NFTY POints: Nfty Baby is 100 points
by mattias2 March 23, 2007
an epic failure.
a place where goys hang out.

random goy: yay omg i love NFTY!

me: but NFTY = epic fail! this makes no sense! its all about USY fo sho.

random goy: your right. i'll join USY, its better.
by ytsejammer93 July 14, 2008
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