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A system in which jewish teens earns "points" for hooking up with others at a NFTY events. Although in most regions, the competition is friendly, and with out incentive, large amounts of NFTY points are big ego boosters and something to be proud of.

The following is the standard NFTY points system. However, may very from region to region:

General Member: 1 Point
Temple Youth Group Board Member: 2 Points
Temple Youth Group President: 3 Points
Regional Cabinet Member: 3.5
Regional Board Member: 4 Points
Rabbis son/daughter: 5 points
Regional Board President: 5 Points
National Board Member: 6 Points
National President: 7 Points
Advisor: 10 points

On Shabbat: x2**
Same-Sex: ^2
At a Dan Nichols concert: +3 points*
Siblings: +the age of the youngest

*When calculating total points for the weekend, do not double or square these extra points.
**Shabbat is considered over at the end of Havdalah
Mordechai: Racking up those NFTY points this weekend man?

Abraham: Yeah dude, she's the Rabbis daughter AND its Shabbat!

*fist bump*
by allmyjews April 10, 2011

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