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A short abreviation for Niagara Falls.
Person 1: "Eh yo, you been in NF Lately"
Person 2: "Naw, I like to stay within the T-Dot."
by Mistah T February 17, 2008
An abbreviation (non-factor) that describes a person that displays a behaviour that is below the norm of society. It can also be implicated to a person that shows unbelieveable stupidity in a certain situation. Coined by Ibrahim Mahamed Hadi/Somran Roy in Ottawa, On. Canada.
Example 1
A: That person looks like he just lost his job
B: That's an NF move...

Example 2
A: Yo man, i just failed a test that i have been studying for over a week straight
B: You NF
by TooReal12 March 22, 2010
newly fucked, as in having recently had sex or made love if u prefer
girl 1: My! You look gorgeous today! NF huh?
girl 2: NF!
by Camzilla May 19, 2006
nf - Nice Fish
Its all good.
Times are good.
Every thing is fine.
Hows things ? Oh there all (nf) atm!
by Jimmymack April 01, 2008
Not Funny
<noob> hey everyone look, i renamed the tubgirl pic and put it on my site.
<jaded fuxer> nf, cockbite.
by dapper June 05, 2003
A texting acronym, translated as "no friends", usually referred to one who is socially awkward, one who thinks that it is "fresh" to "rock" Vans socks and Vans shoes, people who use derogatory racial slang to fit in with the "homies", or ones who use common slang from Jersey Shore, such as "gtl" or "fist pump" in regular conversation.
White Male: Yoooooooo babee, real talk, just wreecked sh** wit my homies from glee club, get at me! now im about to roll into the YMCA gym and maxxxx out!!. GTL!!!

Extremely Attractive Unattainable Italian Female: nf
by thatonekidwhoreallyisntfunny August 10, 2010
abbriviation for the term NON-FACTOR. This term was coined by a teenager in Ottawa, Ontario,Canada. The word means that someone/something does not have any importance or significance in the field taht is being discussed.
For example, let's say someone is failing their classes, then they will be called a called a NF. Let's say some one spills coffee on their way to work. They will be called a NF. Lets say someone spends their time fixing their nails in class and not taking notes. They can be called a NF.
by The realest guy February 13, 2010