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NEaB (Nowhere Else and Beyond) is a web based RPG that allows players to explore exotic locations in 2D or 2.5D, interact with other players, and build your own island and create quests within it.
It does not mean no, and it is definitely not an insult.
Guy1: Yo, you wanna go play NEaB?!
Guy2: Sure thing, I have nothing better to be doing!
by GraBug April 12, 2008
Founded on the MODMYWHAT community, based on the popular word 'NOOB'. A member on called Gunner began to use 'NEAB' which soon after became so popular that the entire site uses it now.
<Gunner> You probably got that fever because you live during the night and sleep during the day, lol.
<toxicFork> lol.
<toxicFork> probably.
<Gunner> lol neab
by NWPx March 22, 2010
short for neighbor; also known as neighbs
you: Yo neabs! There's a skunk in the neighborhood
your neighbor: Thanks for the warning neabs!
by kogfog March 24, 2011
neighbor; one who lives in your neighborhood
pronouced NEIGHBS
girl: hey neabs, there's a skunk on in the neighborhood!
Her neighbor(s): what the fuck does neabs mean?!
by portly57 March 09, 2011
shorter way of saying Neighbor.
Hey neabs, do you need a ride to school?
by neabs101 March 24, 2011
A word for "fail" that was made 1 day in a clan chat on It was made by an epic typo when a co-leader of the clan tryed to call another co-leader a fail. Somehow, the first co-leader typed in "neab" instead of 'Fail".
Orobourus: ur a neab u know that?

Hiker: im a what??

Orobourus: errr fail i mean.

Hiker: WTH!
by iHiker July 24, 2010

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