The goddess of being a psuedo-lesbian and looking adorable while doing it.
"Ney Ney rocks my socks."

"Dude, did you hear? Ney Ney won the lottery!"
by Hey Zeus May 09, 2005
Top Definition
Used when an ass is visibly fat without using yogas.
"Look at that ass Tim, she got the ney ney's on!"
by YoungGabesAlot October 06, 2013
A psuedo-affectionate pet name for Neytiri, the female lead in the movie Avatar. Used tongue-in-cheek to mock obsessive fans, or those with a fetish for the aliens from said movie.
You have a gigabyte of na'vi porn? Awww, that's so sweet. Is Ney Ney your waifu]?
by Yue Fairchild January 25, 2011
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