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No Degree Required ~ A confirmation of limited education by means of self humiliation in an attempt to appear more highly educated than surrounding colleagues. Applicable when tenured supervisors act to project superiority through nonsensical statements sheding light on the fact they have not achieved a formal degree.
Superior – “going fwd please remember to get thee froms of approval before processing any credit requests. Only after receiving these 3 approvals I will consider youre measly request. We have our priorities and do not need to be inundated with vacuous tasks”

Subordinate – “wow….NDR”

Subordinate 2 - "this coming from the 'word of the day' vocabulary enthusiast...trying too hard...epic fail"

Subordinate - "yea, going to dictionary.com each day doesn't merit true intelligence. And seriously, haven’t you heard of spell check. I mean, it should do most of the work for you....again...NDR"
by Accredited November 10, 2009
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Non-Delivery Report or Non-Delivery Receipt. This is what you get back from a mail server that was unable to deliver your message. The cause of the problem is usually contained within the message.
Please forward your NDR to your network administrator so he can determine what you screwed up.
by buy November 19, 2006
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No Dick Riding
Girl to her freind: "ohhh hes hot"
Frind " dude that jenny's bf NDR"
by sandycheecks September 06, 2010
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