NDP- New Democratic Party. Formerly the CCF (the Canadian Commonwealth Federation). A Canadian Socialist political party currently headed by Jack Layton. The NDP was the major supporter of the previous minority Liberal Government of Lester B. Pearson. Co-operation between the NDP and the Liberals resulted in the creation of universal Health Care in Canada. The NDP find their majority of support out of large urban centers such as Vancouver and Toronto. The NDP are currently the only elected Canadian political party furthering the participation of the Kyoto Accord. Its first leader, Tommy Douglas, was the first Socialist premier of Saskatchewan. He was able to see Saskatchewan create its own public power generation company and ensured that all peoples of Saskatchewan had access to indoor plumbing. Tommy Douglas' family still fights for the maintainance of universal health care; the most famous of his family is actor Kiefer Sutherland.
The NDP won 16 of the 300 seats in Parliment, but their alliance with Prime Minister Paul Martin's minority government ensured the passing of a socialist budget. This stopped an unnessisary election that the Conservative and Soverigntist Bloc Parties were hoping for.
by ViktorSoren September 19, 2005
Top Definition
The NDP is short for the New Democratic Party. It was began after the Canadian Labour Congress and the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation united. This party is a moderate leftist one, comprised of mainly Social democrats, however subscribers to Democratic Socialism also populate this party.
The NDP should change it's name to the Social Democratic Party.
by Secular leftist October 15, 2005
1. A Canadian political Party that will never win an election
this election the NDP got 20 out of 300 and something seats
by reebi April 23, 2005
New Democratic Party. A Party which believes that social priorities and the basic needs of the people come before corporate interests. This is NOT to say they are communists - that is a view held by severely ignorant people. The NDP has NO INTEREST in taking away your property and rights to pursue an economic dream. They believe that if you're fabulously wealthy, you should be helping out the less fortunate to a degree. It is the party that gave Canada its FREE HEALTH-CARE SYSTEM. People go on and on about the wonderful health care system we have: THANK THE NDP.
The NDP is all you got keeping you from a world where your blood greases the cogs of the corporate machine
by Fecologist November 30, 2004
A political party in Canada supported mainly by welfare recipients and idealist students. They are out of touch with true Canadian values and will often pander to the desires of any minority group in order to get a vote.
Any self respecting Canadian would not vote for the NDP.
by left4ded March 23, 2005
Naked Dance Party!!
I have had a really tough time this week.
I know just what will get you over this! A NDP!
I believe you are right!
by Nightsparks October 12, 2011
Borderline-communist naive idealists.
Have high hopes socially, but all ideas are destructive to the economy and have no weight in the real world.
Supporters are usually the disillusioned students and hippie druggie welfare receipients, not understanding that there is more to politics and government than satisfying short-term emotional issues.
The NDP does not understand how to tackle a problem and get long-term beneficial results, thinking they can throw the money to the homeless and then from then on Canada will no longer have homeless people. Price caps, fierce anti-Americanism, etc make NDP look like idiots, and their leader who looks like Lenin's grandson doesn't make it any better.
All NDP-supporters have their thoughts governed by feelings and emotions - meaning they don't know how to pull out their calculators, use their heads, and realise that their utopian dreams cannot be achieved by such rash and idealistic plans.

The NDP is the party for wannabe saviours of the world. All its MPs failed math as well as economics.
NDP: I still believe in Santa Claus!

Liberals: God, the NDP still needs a night light.
Conservatives: Still wets the bed.
Liberals: Needs to hug its teddy bear.
Conservatives: Damn, I wish the NDP would just explode and die already.
by Kerilyn May 30, 2006

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