ncm (n)
a non-commital make-out between preferably two people of the opposite sex that consent to a make-out without the exchange of phone numbers or feelings.
Hey Simon, I got an awsome ncm from Ashley last night.
by Daniel Bradley November 08, 2005
Top Definition
Acronym for Nice Cock Man! Commonly used as a friendly praise or term of endearment. Believed to have been started by Baracca after smoking grass with Lippy Slidell, Walter P, and Donnie Manos out behind the rib shack. Words may also be substituted in place of "cock" for universality.
Nice cock man!
Thanks bro!
Looks good bro!
You been working out?
by Dick Cepek July 24, 2006
i dont want to comment on that
"do u like my hair?"
by JCcountrygal777 April 01, 2008
Stands for 'Nobody Cares Mate', to be said in reaction to some attention grabbing statement intended to cause shock or pity.

Works perfectly commenting on a status on facebook.
by R.Bear March 03, 2011
meaning "not currently mutual"
used on website pages,
or tags on clothing representing that the person putting or showing off "N.C.M." is single or mainly liking someone but not in a relationship.
im N.C.M. and I like it.
by carently June 19, 2008
north cliff manor.
a subdivision in northwest houston where "gangstas" and lots of baby mamas reside.

people take much pride living in this neighborhood. they tag "NCM" in bathroooms, tables, and gas station pumps.

although people make such a big deal out of this neighborhood, it's not that great.
"where you buy yo' shit?"
"i got it from this nigga up in NCM"
by summerblanket April 28, 2005

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