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NASOL, also known as Name Age Sex orientation and location, is an acronym originating in the Live Journal Secret Chat forum.

designed in early February of 07 as an extension of the more popular ASL.

when asked by another to NASOL or GTFO, one must comply with the wishes of the moderators or proceed to be ignored.

puxatony_phil_isDEAD: allo
Vinyls: N00b, NASOL or GTFO!
puxatony_phil_isDEAD: what?
vinyls: name age sex orientation or get the fuck out.
puxatony_phil_isDEAD: phil, 16, M, Bi, Timbucktu.
vinyls: welcome noob.
by courps January 05, 2008

Learn it, love it, live it.
non-noob: NASOL
noob: Bob/51/M/Gay/Outside your window
by Cages January 05, 2008
Name Age Sex Orientation Location. This is used in replacement of asl.
person a: NASOL or GTFO
person b: what's nasol???
by Victoria X January 07, 2008

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