A league of 'stock car' racing, more popular to hillfolk and rednecks. NASCAR vehicles are modified to the point of not even looking like cars. most NASCARS are pretty ugly too with all those colors...yehhck. dont ever give a Hotwheels NASCAR to a baby, they might mistakee it for candy.

Nascar racing requires almost no skill.
if you want real racing, try Le Mans. Corvette, Aston Martin, Porsche, McLaren, Mercedes, Panaz, Viper... on mixed terrain tracks, with more than 1 turn, high speeds, and much cooler cars.
a Corvette C6.R or Mercedes Sauber C9 can chew up and crap out 10 NASCAR vehicles at once
by TigPuff June 29, 2009
Nascar is just a word that stands for what it is.

Bubba : Holy ****!

Johnny: What?!?!?

Bubba: He's making a left turn!

Johnny: Oh man! This is some wacked up ****!

Bubba: **** Nascar
by haydini February 15, 2009
a so-called sport whose fans represent the millions of americans that voted for george bush a second time; drunk morons that either drive in circles or watch other drunk morons drive in circles
nascar has the largest fan base of any "sport" in america- america has a lot of drunk morons
by jsgiiii July 13, 2008
Automobile racing of the southern United States and Bible Belt that only rednecks like.
I hate NASCAR and prefer Indy Racing instead.
by krock1dk May 11, 2008
A boring "sport" where a bunch of cars go around in a big circle for like 2 hours. The only exciting part is when someone crashes and there's a lot of fire. Watching NASCAR is a huge event in the South, like soccer in Europe. Similar to horse racing only there's no legalized betting.
Billy Joe: Hey there cousin, wanna go watch that there NASCAR at paw's house? I just love watching them cars go round and round.

Mary-Ellen: Well shucks cousin, I reckon I would like to, but I think we oughta be getting hitched first.

by DantheMan112 February 24, 2008
the dumbest thing in the world, its a sport that attracts white trash.
Oh, im gonna go to the nascar race tonight.
ummmmm...can you say REDNECK!?!?
by Abby Automatic May 14, 2007
It's not a sport, because it does not take athletic ability, and it is not a game because it is not fun to watch or play, it is RACING, The most boring thing on earth. You drive 500 times around a track and people actually watch it on TV? Or to actually go to one of these NASCAR matches in the blazing heat? WTF is wrong with these NASCAR fans anyway? They are either VERY easily amused or just stupid.
nascar is the best sport ever!!!!! OMG, they dfrive around all de time and sometime dey get in accidentz!!!!! OHHH, look at da prettie colooorz and de fire!!! Ohhhhhh, fire.... so nice!!!
by Spikesy July 20, 2006

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