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N - Non
A - Athletic
S - Sport
C - Created
A - Around
R - RedNecks
There is a NASCAR event going on in town
by RedNeck Hater April 20, 2004
a bunch of rednecks runing in circles
by Anonymous August 14, 2003
An excuse for rednecks to take off their shirts and drink pabst blue ribbon while watching a bunch of overpaid pussies to turn left a billion times.
Instead of fucking my sister, I think I'll go to the Nascar race today.
by skizzle March 12, 2003
having to make only left turns like those redneck pussies driving around in counter clockwise circles wishing that they had enough grey matter to learn how to turn right. The least challenging form of motorsport, and the most popular in america proving once again that our nation is fucked up!!! Thanks George W!!!! Even motorcycle racing takes place in the rain. For those rednecks out there a motorcycle has two wheels and no roof and is capable of the same speeds of a nascar. (they can turn right also.)
There is a parade in my neighborhood so to get home I had to go nascar.
by sarcomax January 21, 2003
the easiest sport to follow while drunk...... all you have to do is watch all the cars to left turn after left turn after left turn.
"Dude im sooo drunk. i cant do anything right now..."sure you can lets go watch some rednecks play lets all make as many left turns was we can.... or nascar for short!"
by bnrs-r-us03 August 14, 2009
A guy said that Nascar is a sport. Its not. He said its the best sport in the world. Its a lame excuse to allow hillbillies world wide to come together and watch a car go around a track 210 times. Its also a bad excuse to use up whats left of Americas oil supply and claim war of the middle east.
Man That Nascar is gay.
by Brad Smegal November 25, 2005
A poor excuse for motorsport which can it can thank all it's success on its marketing of high speed crashes, and the inability of it's fans to understand what is happening if they cannot see it.

Just slotcar racing for adults. and toosl.
"No one won today's Daytona 500 as the entire feild was wiped out at the first corner."
by sloanie March 18, 2005