Non Athletic Real People. People who go to a gym, workout class, or anything athletic and have no business being there, which is reflected in both their effort and physical appearance.

In the event of an alien invasion they would be the first to get captured and turned into fertilizer.
Today in class when everyone was doing partner pushups that NARP girl was on her knees hi-fiving the air then left 10 minutes early.
by T Macalicious March 28, 2013
Not A Real Person.

A term that gives a name to the few and the freaky, delivers a word for those who are left speechless, and grants humor to the unavoidable victims of narpiness. There are socially inappropriate people. There are unrealistic and delusional people. There are people with unecessary comments and unrestrained word purging.

And then there are narps.
Person: What on earth is that in your window.
NARP: The highpower binoculars on the tripod is your dad's birthday gift from me. They're specifically for this purpose as well as astronomy.
Person: NARP.
by ChepeChepe March 08, 2012
no apparent reason party
we are having a narp tomorrow
by jw1999 May 02, 2011
Not a Real Person
Did you see Chantal today? She is just so strange. She's such a NARP
by littlelittleittybitty April 14, 2011
acronym for Non Athletic Regular Person, usually used as an insult after a death check.
"Just like you have to keep the stick in the box for lacrosse, you have to keep your beer in the box. DEATH CHECK! NARP!"
by AverageLaxer April 17, 2010
Narping is defined as removing the cap from someones water bottle, inverting the bottle, and leaving in upside down and open so that one cannot access the bottle without spilling the contents of said bottle.
"Quick, narp their water bottle!"
by Flanged Mantide May 20, 2013
Acronym. Stands for:

Regular (or Retarded, your preference)

just another unpopular, unathletic nerd. quite possibly gay, or dumb, these people are nuisances to cool, athletic people.
Jon: yo Matt, look at Chung Choi, he runs a ten minute mile.

Matt: word bro, his fat Asian ass hits the books all day.

Jon: He hits on more than Books, he also hits on Jack. What fag, dude

Chung: Hey, i Play Chess, That's a Sport! And My sexual preference is none of you business!

Matt: Just because Chess is a Sport doesn't make you an athlete, or cool. C'mon Jon, lets ditch this N.A.R.P.
by Folenator May 30, 2011

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