Non Athletic Real People. People who go to a gym, workout class, or anything athletic and have no business being there, which is reflected in both their effort and physical appearance.

In the event of an alien invasion they would be the first to get captured and turned into fertilizer.
Today in class when everyone was doing partner pushups that NARP girl was on her knees hi-fiving the air then left 10 minutes early.
by T Macalicious March 28, 2013
Non-Athletic Regular Person; someone who is inferior to others at the game of lacrosse.
Look at that kid, Beau #16, he just dropped that pass....again...NARP!
by Taylor Wynnchizzle April 24, 2010
1. "Not A Real Person"; An insult to a persons perception of reality.
Blake:(after getting off water ride) "I smell like water"
Shaun:"Dude, you are such a NARP."
by Shaun M. October 07, 2006
1. narps. n. nAArps - the theoretical term of a personally cursed nonexistent object.

2. narps. also used as an interjection.

origin. modern eastern american word concieved of various interjectory phrases of anger and inanimate cursing.
"Andrew I am so angry I could rip your fucking narps off!"

"Narps! Narps! Narps!"

"Oh narp it all!"
by The Narped Among Narpless December 17, 2009
Not A Real Person, someone who is fake or has no sense of what the real world is like around them, they have no clue how to go about doing anything in real life and they seem to live in this imaginary world where no one is right but them.
One of my friends is a NARP because she (a) thinks that music and concerts are "so high school", (b) did not know that in order for the dishes to get clean in the dishwasher you needed to add dish detergent, (c) everything that comes out of her mouth is a complaint, (d) she does not know how to have fun and enjoy new experiences because she is a NARP and lives in a fantasy world and probably won't be able to survive for 10 minutes in the real world alone.
by Arp35 January 24, 2011
Non-Athlete Regular Person
This dude was such a N.A.R.P he thought he was good at lax today...
I know N.A.R.P
by notanarp May 03, 2010
Nipples that are hard for no apparent reason.
She was just sitting there when she noticed she had narps.
by SodaGirl May 24, 2005
Not a Real Person
Did you see Chantal today? She is just so strange. She's such a NARP
by littlelittleittybitty April 14, 2011

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