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Acronym for Not a Bad Idea.
Person 1: He wants me to fix his computer.
Person 2: Tell him to learn to fix it himself
Person 1: NABI
by FalseLogic September 19, 2009
A slight derivative on the word Newbie, Newb, or Noob.
"omg dude youre such a nabi"
"theres too many fuckin' nabi's here"
by Spaz August 05, 2004
means prophet in Arabic. Navi in Hebrew and nebyo in Aramaic
Muhammad kaan nabi wa ibn kalb aidaan.
Nevi Shmuel hayah ish tzadik.
Dawidh nebyo d Aloho
Arabic: Muhammad was a prophet and also a son of a bitch.
Hebrew: The prophet Samuel was a righteous man.
Aramaic: David is a prophet of God.
by Joshua Neuman April 26, 2005
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