National Association of Always Complaining People
The NAACP is whining about something again!
by OUChevelleSS May 28, 2007
National Association Against Caucasian People
Social engineering organization best known for their development and advancement of the theory of "reverse-racism" (commonly known as regular old racism).

The organization was originally known as the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (colored meaning only of African descent - black) but due to internal strife and mismanagement in the late '60's through the present time, the organization has become an front for blackmail and extortion.
That coon called me a honky and now I'm being sued by the NAACP because I called him a coon.
by Don Rumsfeld November 14, 2007
Niggers are always causing problems.
Did you hear about the niggers stealing shit from home depot?

yea, N.A.A.C.P.
by skoal patrol July 21, 2006
A hypocritical group that claims to exist for the advancement of african-americans, but is, in reality, pushing the ethnicity further into it's bad reputation by instead of working to solve the dreadful "ebonics" infestation, stop gang activity, abolish the abhorrent current version of "Hip-Hop culture" and FIX THE F***ING BLACK HAIR PROBLEM (Because you know it CAN be fixed), They instead try to justify all of these things and make other races accept them and not ridicule black people for them. They are working toward their own downfall, and their entire operation will do nothing but destroy them eventually.

They should change the the second "A" to a "D" for "Degression"...
"The NAACP should change their name to NAJGP; 'National Association for the Justification of Ghetto Principles..."
by Cornelius Bell II May 18, 2007
Niggers Across America Causing Problems
Look at Jesse Jackson and all those Niggers Across America Causing Problems (NAACP).
by Iconoclast211 June 21, 2009
An obsolete organization formally the frontrunner in racial equality persuits and ideas, now dealing in partisan political funding. In a post civil rights America they seem more interested in reverse racism and black rule rather than equality, backing several black exclusive or nearly exclusive properties including the "Black Entertainment Telivison", and endorsment of prejudges against their own race, including backing the thought that all black people speak in ebonics, waste all their money on jewlry, would rather "hustle" than have a leginamate job, prefer random sexual encounters over meaningful relationships often resulting in illagentamate children and "welfare babies", and would rather "keep it real" ie: use what you learn from your friends and family, than persue higher education, via such venues as certain "rap" lyrics, movies such as "Soul Plane" or the House Party" series. All this instead of backin the formal goal of the organization of helping people of color that have been discriminated against.
And a fond wish for the succes and fall of the naacp
by Zackariah December 07, 2006
Niggers Are A Constant Problem
The NAACP is protesting the prosecution of the three black guys who raped and murdered the two white girls.
by Woody Thomas February 18, 2006

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