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NFL meaning nigga for life.. used mainly amongst black teens jokingly. like BFF
person 1: Hey, person 2, you know that girl over there?
person 2: Yeah das like my N4L Crystal.
by Christine, 16 February 17, 2008
29 11
N4L is shorthand for the phrase "Nerd (or Nerds) For Life". It is used among nerds as a confident self-reference or as a response to an insult to one's nerdiness.
Jock: Psh you are such a loser, Star Wars is old, lame and stupid. Why would you wear a Greedo shirt to school?
Nerd: Say what you want, I'm a N4L and embrace that fact!

Texting Nerd 1: Hey you wanna watch some BSG tonight?
Texting Nerd 2: Of Course!!! N4L!! :D
by TheAdvisor January 20, 2011
8 6