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Nooblit is both an alternate word for "n00b", and a world for a kiddy-gamer, who also sucks at games and/or has a mic and uses his or her squeaky voice.
<LiekProGaem0rrite?> "OMFG, ur such a fucking n00blit goddamn TKer get you ass off the server until ur balls drop"
<LoLiMaNoOb> "*Creepy little-kid type squeaky voice* Ima nto a nublit! yuor juts jelus! beesids i got yo uonce"
<LiekProGaem0rrite?> "We're on the same damn team you faggot! Get off the damn server!"
*Player "LoLiMaNoOb" has left the server due to a successful kickvote
by Enigma49 AKA Keyes! July 12, 2006
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