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A makeshift bed made entirely of pillows where two people nuzzle and express emotions for one another.
Guy: How was your date last night
Charlie: It was great. Disco came over and we made a nest and watched movies all night long.
by Contractattorney April 08, 2008
N.E.S.T The Nuclear Emergency Support Team (formerly known as the Nuclear Emergency Search Team) They consist of of engineers and scientists. Thier objective is to respond to any nuclear related accident or incident anywhere on the globe.
We got a nuclear bomb in L.A, Call in N.E.S.T right away.
by FoxxtheSwoxx May 27, 2007
where birds live
You're retarded
by Nettled October 11, 2003
placing the safety toilet paper on the seat in a public bathroom before using it.
-Did you make a nest?

-No, i am going "wildstyle" this weekend
by mc dogbone August 09, 2004
House, residence, pad, etc. Also see crib.
Lets grab some beers and cruise back to da nest.
by Puffy January 14, 2004
NEST stands for Nature, Ecology, Science, and Technology, and is the Greatest program Area at Rodney Scout Reservation. Its showcases animals, a Tactile Learning Area, and a Computer Lab, as well as many inside and outside learning Areas.
Hey man, where's environmental science Merit Badge?

That'd be over in the Grove of NEST.
by cellomaster123 September 26, 2011
The name you give to somebodies hair that is very messy and is shaped and also looks like a nest.
Steve: "My hair is getting quite long"
Bob: "Yes Steve. It is now becoming a nest."
by fingerfail99 April 03, 2012
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