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Usually referring to a person considering himself to be a ladies man, or that everyone truly like them. Disloyal, dishonorable, and usually backstabbing. Heavily associated with the likes of T-Fazio's. An N-Dileg will think that they are able to start new trends, and take pathetic examples of pride in new lingo they believe will spread rapidly such as "prish" or "peas&tanks." N-Dileg's are destined to be homo-sexual loner alcoholics.
N-Dileg: "Hey T-Faz, can I borrow your pod, peas and tanks, peas and tanks."

T-Faz: "Yea, let me get this thing out of my mouth first."

N-Dileg: "What? I can't und'stan' with that thin' in your mouth."

T-Faz: "Oh, sorry it was just Marky Mark. Here's my pod."

N-Dileg: "Tanks mang, I tot' prish."
by Ryan Burnley October 26, 2006
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