N - Bomb does not in fact refer to nigga, niggaboo, or even the always spunky 'nigglet'.

the N - Bomb is that most delicious of tricks, NIGGER. A word which will land a white person in a whole heap of trouble in most civil societies because quite frankly, we need to apologize constantly for using the black people that black people sold us all those years ago. Truly, my bad.

Someone drops the N - Bomb: "How do you babysit a nigger child? Wet his lips and stick him to a window."

Societal reaction: "WARNING, citizen number 002-75-6343 has used the N - Bomb. Citizen will be sprayed with corn paste and thrown in a pit full of niggahs."
by An_Mongbat_01 July 24, 2006
Widely known as "Nigger",
BUT also a type of grenade used in the original Perfect Dark for N64 that releases a large black cloud that blurs vision, disarms your weapons and drains your health...
yo, me and my negroidz were playin some perfect dark yesterday and daiz kept on spammin those fuckin n-bombs
by See Em Be April 12, 2008
A grenade used in the Nintendo 64 game, Perfect Dark, that makes the enemies confused and make them drop their weapons.
Oh, shit she's got a N - Bomb!! Run!! *badoom*
by Smitthan June 27, 2006
Abbreviation for "Nigger". Unofficially deemed offensive by the black races if used by non-blacks, but not offensive if used by blacks toward other blacks.
White Man: What's up nigger.
Black Man: Did you just drop the N - Bomb!?
by N-Bomber January 06, 2007
N-BOMB is a term used to define the word nigger. The BOMB part of the title is there to show how heavy and dangerous a word it is.
Mike: Did you see the Russian prime minister talking about Obama the other day?

Jeff: No, why?

Mike: Well it all started fine, but then in he came and just droped the N-BOMB

Jeff: No...fucking...way!!!
by chubby thy legend February 17, 2010
a term to desribe using words such as 'nigga' or 'nigger'
dude that cracka's dead cuz he totally dropped the nbomb up in Tyrone's grill.
by totalfuckup November 10, 2008
The word "Nigger". Not to be confused with "Nigga"
someone who says, "That-there nigger is going to get strung up tonight -- after we burn some crosses in his yard!" has apparently just dropped a big 'ole Atomic N - Bomb!
by Quincey February 09, 2007
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