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A site that is like Google, only when you type in what you want to search for it shows results of the person who searched last, and vice versa.

You can also 'search' up your own message and hope it reaches to someone.
*types in 'cat' in mystery google search box*
*actual google results show cheese*
-in another place in the world-
*typed in cheese in mystery google search box*
*actual google results show cat*
by Video Gamer November 09, 2009
probably the best website ever. you type something in the engine and you get what the last person searched for. good for when you are bored.

most people put in AIM screen names, e-mails, or cell phone numbers and tells the person to message them. it also gives out missions which people can complete and put on MLIA.
I got a Mystery Google Mission to text this person and ask for the Cookie Monster!
by the extra inch in your pants January 03, 2010
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