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1. n. My-spAce VAL-eN-TINE - One or more persons who meet each other on Myspace right before Valentines Day, and begin dancing with their words in a mutual-virtual-romantic-awareness...

--The reason for becoming a Myspace Valentine and not a REAL Valentine is because, although the two individuals are infatuated with each other, they are physically incapable of having an actual face-to-face meeting, due to constraints of geography/time/money/etc. - thus resulting in a humorous approach, where one of them asks the other if (she) will be (his) Myspace Valentine, obviously because (he) is interested in (her). Ahem.

2. n. -- Not simply a scapegoat or a "cushion" if you will for not having a REAL relationship, and definitely nothing to be regarded as "shallow" because of it's immediate relation to "Myspace"

--Anyone with a decent I.Q. or a soul would note the authenticity and sincerity of a Myspace Valentine, seeing as how it carries an intriguing aura of mysterious energy, which also leaves open a positive future outlook of

"possibly something more"

This seems very comical at first... but then becomes absurdly real... later.

Good luck my Urban Addictionary word-smiths. Have a Happy Myspace Valentines Day!
1. "Aww! Of course I will be your MySpace Valentine. Nobody has ever asked me that before…you will be a FIRST! (Well, nor have I ever poetically DUELED anyone before either…I must admit that was kind of HOT –and also a FIRST" said Kristi right before her and Bryan began engaging in one of the most timeless virtual-kisses the imagination and Myspace had ever witnessed..."

2. Bryan began day-dreaming about his My Space Valentine and wondered if she was thinking the same thoughts he was... and even began checking his Myspace account with periodical interest, just in case.
by Bryan's Brain February 14, 2008
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