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(verb) Abstaining from checking one's Myspace; much like religious fasting from meals. Can last anywhere from a few hours to a few months, depending upon the strength of the one fasting. It is a technique / method used to recover after certain events including:
1) Strong addiction to myspace, networking, and an unusual obsession with browsing through friends' profiles, pictures, comments, bulletins etc.
2) MyspaceSTDS from constant w4w (whore-for-whore), pc4pc (picture-comment-for-picture-comment), c4c (comment-for-comment), and other access to private territory i.e. private profile.
3) Avoiding contact with/seeing someone that you no longer want any affiliation with. Especially seen after breakups; the victim no longer wishes to read the bulletins and comments between the ex & the new girl/guy.
4) Poor/deteriorating performance within school or the workplace.
Example 1: "My grades are starting to go down and I can't focus at work because I'm always on Myspace! I think I'm going to go Myspace fasting for awhile, at least until I can straighten my life out."

Example 2: Tina: "Hey, your last login on Myspace was 2 weeks ago! Why haven't you been on?"
Allie: "Yea, I'm Myspace Fasting for awhile. I'm sick of seeing all the annoying, lovey comments between Noah and his new girl. And he moved me down on his top friends!"
by lyssaloo May 12, 2009
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