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A Berkeley slang idealizing friendship among non-fraternal brothers.

Forged under the heat of blood and sand, Achilles' warriors were legendary for their enormous appetite for all things war, wine, and women. The brotherhood of Myrmidons is but a legend whispered beneath the beds of sleeping couples, but to bestow an individual of this prestigious title is to recognize their worth in friendship, brotherhood, and gangland warfare.
Myrmidon, tonight we dine in Berkeley, tonight we bind the whores to the thrusts of our swords, and flood the streets of this picturesque town in a sea of our milk.
by thomas.frensynko January 12, 2011
Someone who is a skilled bad ass and pwnz it up with his 1337 skillz in all sorts of fields but excels in battle. Brave and skilled warriors.
Person 1: "You see that kid over there? I heard he's frailbody."

Person 2: "Nah chill, he's definitely a Myrmidon."
by putpeterdown July 06, 2010
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