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Myrcantha is a really rare name only 3 person in the world has it. , Myrcantha comes from the word pyracantha a beautiful flower. Myrcantha is a tall girl , she can be very beautiful when she tries , she is always laughing and making jokes that can be absolutely annoying but she is a very smart girl but she sucks at maths.She starts drama very easily and she has a big attitude but she is really nice it depends on her mood .. She is very hard on boys , its very hard to be liked by Myrcantha boys. Myrcantha loves life , but sometimes when it comes to being positive forget it.
She's Such a Myrcantha.

WOW look its Myrcantha hide before she does one of her annoying jokes.
Oh god .. Myrcantha is coming to start drama.
by newyorkcityrocks February 29, 2012
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