Stands for my young one. It can be used only on people younger than you, even if its only by 4 days. It is a secret term of endearment, for when you would rather use a real term of endearment like babe but don't want to be obvious.

It makes girls smile when you say it to them, especially when you text them, "Goodnight.... myo"

It does sound slightly condescending in a way but it definitely isn't.
Girl: Whatever
Guy:Fine then...myo
Girl: NO! I'm not yours!
Guy: YES! You are!
Girl: okay fine...
by zesty(: February 02, 2011
Top Definition
Meaning "Make Your Own", mostly used on art websites such as DeviantArt. It's when an artist makes a closed species of an adoptable and you pay them to get the rights to create your own OC using their species. Sometimes people may allow you to make one for free during a special event.
Journal name on DeviantArt: MYO Slots {OPEN}

Journal text:
So, I just released my new closed species 'Urban Dictionaries' and I wanted to open MYO slots! <Random kaomoji> They are 1$/100 points! Deadline is on 31st of January.
by Mirigiry January 14, 2016
The best thing in the world; tasty; sexy, also see seductive.
Baby, you're myo!
by Lala February 24, 2003
Meaning my yo as in my friend or my beloved in compassionate friendly way.
"What's up myo?" Or "myo, I love you with my heart and soul, but you were way out of line last night."
by FaQmare January 22, 2014
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