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CEO of TI$Δ, founder of snapbacks, and the sexiest man ALIIIIIIIVVVVVVEEEEE!!!!!!
Person 1: DAAAANNG who's dat?!
Person 2: ......thats Mylow ;)
Person 1: .....swag.
by siguey! July 10, 2011
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flirt. he can be a real dork, but when it comes to girls he's real slick. has a big dick. he's black. STONERR, but can stop whenever he wants. can do some bad ass things. back flips mostly. can spongebob really well. and lives with his granny. he acts like he doesnt care but inside he's dieing. he's sensitive, but strong. the perfect guy.
aww man, he's sooo mylow! did you see that flip? crazy shit!

girl you lucky, your man's a real mylow!

have you tasted that mylow yet? its huge.
by thisbeforreals65 December 13, 2010

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