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Can be used in two ways:

#1) Have no guts, not being brave "HAVE NO BALLS"

#2) Literally being without testicles.
Myk you have Mykitschak!!
Bonilla you have Mykitschak!!

Shit after I got in that fatal car accident I had to have surgery on my ballsack.

Oh my god man, I'm so sorry, does that mean you have Mykitschak now?
by Billstein4 October 22, 2008
the act of having no BALLS
You have Mykitschak balls
You have no balls
You have zilch balls

Bonilla has Mykitschak balls.
Flav has Mykitschak balls.
Akos has Mykitschak balls.
Chicken Ball has Mykitschak balls.
by Billstein2 September 25, 2008
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