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Mykelangilo is the sexiest thing to have ever walk this earth. He is a turtle that can sure as hell whoop your ass in any fight. Mykelangilo is the main stud in the hit series Teenage Mutant Nigga Turtles. Mykelangilo obviously pulls all the bitches and he definitely has a massive dick. If you ever encounter Mykelangilo don't be alarmed, as long as you suck his dick he is completely harmless. However if you refuse to do so, there's no use in running, you are pretty much dead already. Mykelangilo is the manager for the band called Civil Rights Time. And yes ladies and gentlemen, he does indeed lift.
Girl: Damn Mykelangilo you are so sexy!

Mykelangilo: Suck my dick bitch.

Girl: K
by kappy97 April 04, 2013
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