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pronounced like MySpaced.

Verb used to express the act of looking someone up on myspace, adding them as friends, or adding a comment for them.
#1: OMG! Youre so nice! I totally MySpace'd you today!
#2: Oh, did you? OMGTHX
by humans are scary July 22, 2006
It's when something stops trending and it has passed out.
Like "Myspace" lol, nobody goes there anymore.
dude1: Hey did you see that last Angela status update?
dude2: Facebook has been myspaced, now im into Google+
by Ignition Rous July 09, 2011
To be overrun, abused, exploited, and eventually ruined.
Bad news... I think Facebook is getting MySpaced. That jerk myspaced me last night after I invited him in for coffee and now I'm taking antibiotics. Dude.... they really myspaced your trendy look when they all started wearing the same stuff, but with glitter and fist pump logos on it.
by Tucker Grover September 15, 2010
When a person was once popular, but then their popularity bombed
Joe: WTF happened Tom? you just Myspaced

Tom: Shut the fuck up before i rip you're eye's out cunt!
by Lonely Tom September 08, 2012
booty call
i called the hooker so i would get my spaced
by notafatass February 01, 2009
Having taken a picture of yourself (as if to put it on Myspace or another networking website).
"I took a picture of myself standing in front of the mirror... I know, I totally myspaced."
by FutureSex February 21, 2007
A place nobody goes to anymore ie a dessert of sorts
John: hey wanna go 2 d lobster 4 drinks

Chad: nah that place is SOO MySpaced
by Theo4ever January 11, 2015
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