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A game of true skill. The contestants have small incisions on either sides of their abdomens, and will be given sterile gloves. They then take the ready position with their hands low in front of their opponent. Upon the blow of the starting horn, the contestants are to scream "It's MyGut!!!" and begin ripping. Last man standing is the winner. Rounds last 5 minutes.

No game has been known to last a full round.
Hey, let's go downtown and watch some MyGut(tm), I hear Sweden's team is really good!
by Victor Ziblis August 24, 2008

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Used in reference to a younger family member or child you may have helped raise, who exhibits qualities or behavior that replicates your own.

Originates in Southern Maryland, popularized in modern country culture resurgence.
Other family member: Riley is so wild, always getting hurt, and running around like a crazy fool.

Me: You got that right; he's my guts.
by lafemmeflora June 03, 2014