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The newest flash game to hit the internet. It happens to be a barbarian-style game in which you spam someones email, they fight you, you get "EXP" (experience points), and so on.

This game is particularly annoying, as people create loads of links to their stupid "Brutes" on forums. People spend way too much time on this game.
Person 1: stupididiot12.mybrute.com

Person 2: What is that? Sounds like a place for sickos.

Person 1: NO WAY! MyBrute is the best new flash game that gives you zero control EVER!
by Da Milkman April 24, 2009
An addictive game that is automated besides character looks. You have no control of how you attack or what powerups you attain as you level. The game is pretty fun, but the limit on only 3 turns besides the original 6 you get each day is very lame.

There is quite a bit of trolling/ spamming, because of the "pupil" system. It encourages spamming so they can gain exp through pupils. This innovative system forces many to use it, because of the only 3 fights per day for exp.
Fag2: NONONONNON DIS http://asdfasdfafdaf.mybrute.com/cellule
BadTroolIsBad: CHECK OUT MAH BEARZ suckmydick.mybrute.com
KidwhothinksHesCool: Mybrute is gayz
by Yosupdisbeme April 09, 2009
This is a little online flash game called "my brute" where you have your own little character and you just fight against other player's little character, And get your strength up and stuff, and keep fighting -the more you win the better you do and more experience you get. Except that you can only have three fight per day and you don't actually control the fight. So really you just enter a name for a character and clicking on another character hoping that you fucking win. These fights are a little bit unfair, I'm not going to lie, I have seen better game that usually do with your own skills as opposed to "Luck", as this game obviously run on.

Alot of spammers do this

challenge me!!!
Mybrute player always spam other websites like youtube with their brute link in a poor attempt to get pupils.
by !Hamada! September 12, 2009