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My Little Pony originally started as toys in the 1980s by Hasbro. Shortly afterwards, a TV show started and successfully delivered many episodes. It was targeted at little girls. Later, they started a new generation with new characters, animation, etc. Eventually, G4 came. It is arguably the best generation in the series. It refined the animation, perfected the voice acting, increased the drama, and many other things. Not only little girls took an interest in this show, but many grown men too. While some consider bronies cancer to the internet, others are fine with them liking what they like. In 4chan, many moderators started banning people who made pony-threads AND those who participated in them. This lead to starting a war between bronies and the anti-bronies. Eventually, pony boards/forums came out, such as 4chan's /mlp/, ponychan, Equestria Daily, etc. Some consider My Little Pony to be one of the worst shows ever, others consider it to be great.

MLP has one of the biggest fandom today, and you can find it everywhere on the internet. We call the fandom bronies, bronies are male fans of MLP. They created many remakes of words, such as brohoof, clop, and many others. When approached by a troll/anti-brony, their primary method of striking back is to "love and tolerate", which is basically not insulting the troll/anti-brony back, and to simply tolerate their hate.
Brony 1: Dude, did you check out the first episode of season 3 yet?
Brony 2: Yeah, it was awesome!
Anti-brony: You guys are immature little babies, My Little Pony is for little girls.
Brony 1 and 2: Love and tolerate. :)
by Ryouu November 30, 2012
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The coolest toy from the 80's EVER. Attempted to bring them back in the 2000's. Maybe it will work.

I highly doubt it.
OH MY GOD! I found my My Little Pony collection!
by Tara March 01, 2004
The greatest show (and movie) ever in the 1980's. With characters such as the smarmy Windwhistler, the slutty Lickety-Split, the Flutterponies, and the Grundle.
I collected all of the My Little Ponies and styled their hair. I also watched the movie like, every day.
by Ass Raider May 14, 2003
A girl with a lower body that is out of proportion with her upper body. Thick legs and hips - but thin on top. This look can deceive a guy when she is spotted across the bar and looks attractive but shocks you when she stands up.
Guy 1: Sally set me up with her friend and I thought she was hot at first.

Guy 2: What changed your mind?

Guy 1: When she got up to go to the bathroom I saw she was a my little pony.
by AZ Woody September 19, 2008
if your girlfriend is really hot and small
Kid - "My little pony is so damn hot."
Other Kid- "Dude she is. Can i munch on your tit tats?"
Kid- "Oh behave!
by Biggy Horse my nips November 12, 2009
Fuck it. I'm not bending the truth for you furfags out there.

MLP is a show targeted for 6 year old girls that unfortunately has grown a mass cult following from 14 year old boys and 24 year old basement dwellers who rely on their mom financially People 'liked' the show and spammed it around originally to troll trolls but has since been flooded by autists from everywhere on the internet.
Really fucking stoned guy:My Little Pony is so fucking awesome man!
Mike: What the fuck you talking about fag? That show's for little girls dude.
Really fucking stoned guy: Here.. smoke this (hands OG Kush)
by Douchebag82 October 30, 2011
The most overrated fandom/ franchise anyone could ever imagine.
Pony tard: Omg look at that lil poniez cutiee mark isz sooo kawaii desu! ^_^ I luv My Little Pony!!111!1

Some normal guy: Gtfo. Please.
by IamWeegeeGiveMeYourSoul June 07, 2011
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