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one of the greatest bands and anyone one who says they are gay actually URE the gay one. they could kick ure ass at anything so dont even try! and i bet all y people that say they r gay havnt even heard any other songs besides maybe im not okay and helena so SHUT UP!
In the middle of a gun fight...
In the center of a restaurant...
They say, "Come with your arms raised high!"

back home, off the run
singing songs that make you slit your wrists
it isn't that much fun, staring down a loaded gun
so i won't stop dying, won't stop lying
if you want i'll keep on crying
did you get what you deserve?
is this what you always want me for?

Another knife in my hands
A stain that never comes off the sheets
Clean me off
I'm so dirty babe
The kind of dirty where the water never cleans off the clothes
I keep a book of the names and those
by becky February 26, 2005
1.The reason why music sucks.
2. See Pussies
My chemical Romance is gay and has gay music that preps and nerds listen to because that is what eveyone else listens to.
by Augustus December 30, 2005
A bunch of crybaby emos who only sing about girls, friends, and being sad. They have hair on their face, wear black, and have music videos with coffins. Boo hoo. Also, their band name is just dumb. "My Chemical Romance?" Wtf?
Why is that kid listening to to My Chemical Romance?

He must be emo.
by ben1 July 05, 2006
An EXTREMELY crap band from NJ.
Hey, My Chemical Romance are shit!
Ye, they are
True dat!

Hey, all their band members suck and their fans are retards
Ye, they are
True Dat
by M. Newby May 18, 2006
A disgrace to the good name of New Jersey. The lead singer looks like a Robert Smith wanna-be. Being from NJ myself, I am appalled at the number of fans this band gets for wearing makeup and having the worst bass player ever.
-My Chemical Romance revolutionized modern rock

-Go to hell.
by Gangsta P.I.M.P August 02, 2005
My Chemical omance is a kick ass goth/punk/emo band. If you really want an idea of how hey sound listen to their first CD...not that their new CD isn't awesome. I love Gerard his mind is so warped *drool*
I'll slit my throat with the knife i pulled from my spine.
by xxPieces Mendedxx March 16, 2005
My Chemical Romance is a watered down and slightly more uppity sounding version of HIM. They are unoriginal band with styles reflected that of legends of the past such as the Misfits, which are known to be, single handedly the most famous and popular horror punk band of all time(probably because they were one of the only successful groups).
On another note, My Chemical Romance is NOT, by any means punk. Punk is about unity and striving for a change. Some punk bands would include: the skeptix, aus rotten, the unseen, career soldiers, the germs, the briefs, the devachkas, the buzzcocks, etc..
MCR is not emo either. MCR, while it is bitchy, sad, melodramatic music, is NOT, by any means in the same boat as Chris Carabba of Dashboard Confessional.
They are also not hardcore. Hardcore involves screaming. Not whiny bitchy screaming, but "I'm going to eat your soul" screaming. Some examples of hardcore bands are as follows:
Atreyu, Bleeding Through, Dimmu Borgir, Children Of Bodom, Martyr AD, etc...

The only way to describe My Chemical Romance is as follows:

My Chemical Romance is the product of HIM and The Used getting together at a party, getting drunk and high and having intervaneous unprotected anal sex.

ps- if you shop at hot topic, you're not a punk. you're a fag. learn to DIY your own clothes and perhaps you won't get made fun of so much.
Minion Mall Goths: "My Chemical Romance kicks so much ass!!!The lead singer's so hot!!!!!"
Me: "WTF are you talking about? The lead singer is a faggot who wears makeup and kisses boys. How is that hot?!"
MMG's: "He just is. Don't make fun of him! Besides, their music is awesome."
Me: "Their music is shit."
MMG's: "OMG you're so mean! You remind me of those kids who think it's cool to pick on little kids because they like something but they really secretly like it themselves."
Me: "You remind me of gay. And on another note, I'd rather drill a hole in my forehead and pour salt in it that be unfortunate enough to have to withstand the torture of listening to so much as one of their songs."
MMG's: (run away scared)
by PopCultureFreak April 19, 2006