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3 definitions by Reincarnator

Not Red Don't Shoot. A security policy used by alliances in the popular MMO Eve Online. Basically means that unless a person is red (and therfore either has low standings with you or is at war with you) you cannot shoot them.)
Pilot 1: Hey I see some dudes here, I'm gonna shoot them
Pilot 2: Don't, we are under NRDS remember?
Pilot 1: Oh yeah...
by Reincarnator April 25, 2007
37 3
A misspelling of assassins
Guy 1: Look at those assasins!
Guy 2: WTF are assasins? Do you mean Assassins?
by Reincarnator April 25, 2007
14 3
A band that is hated for being good. Its also rather ironic how half the definitions here portray their fans as people who hate people who don't like their music.
Hater: You suck ass you fag, you like My Chemical romance!
Fan: So we suck for liking music that you don't?
Hater: Yep.
Fan: By that logic, you like (insert other band) but i don't. Therefore you suck. Is that about right?
Hater: ...
Fan: Thought so.
by Reincarnator April 25, 2007
27 37