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A website that is a ripoff version of MLIA and FML. On this website, there are a group of freaks that are insanely obsessed with Twilight. Some of those people need mental help.
My Life Is Twilight sucks.
by MLIA reader95 April 21, 2010
(1) a group of twilight obsessed people who want to post twilight related information anonymously to the world.
(2) a web site similar to MLIA FML and MLIG consisting of girls age 10-15 discussing their love of a wolf or a 108 year old virgin who sparkles (both fictional)
god she is such a twihard she has my life is twilight as her home page.
by myhavecokkie January 09, 2010
A website intended for dumb fangirls that has evolved into a place where Harry Potter fans can go to have a good laugh.
Twilight fan: I just posted a story on My Life Is Twilight!

HP Fan: What did it say?

Twilight fan: That I just realized my hair is brown, just like Bella's!!! MLISoooooooT

HP Fan: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you're a dumbass.
by MrsSchlongbottom January 22, 2011
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