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The phenomenon in which two acquaintances/friends, both recently single after the dissolution of a long term relationship, become engaged in a purely sexual relationship. This must occur very shortly after the dissolution of said long term relationship.

This phenomenon is quintessentially mutual and void of strategic action and time ordering of events beyond the fact that both of your past relationships ended around the same time. Put bluntly, you both become single and then bam, one night you just start to hook up.
Person 1: It was really strange. Last night I thought I heard Adam leaving Jen's room.

Person 2: Ya that's kinda weird. They both just broke up with their ex's a couple weeks ago

Person 1: I think we're witnessing the MRS phenomenon

Person 2: Huh?

Person 1: Mutual-rebound-sex
by Elwood Lane January 26, 2013
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