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MUTSA is an african name for 'Mercy' short from Mutsawashe which means 'Merciful Lord'. Or just named Mutsa.
Mutsa's are sweet, sexy, beautiful, irresistible, have an amazing sense of humour, and always find themselves trapped with a lot of male attention.
Not the cleverest in books (book smart), but they are clever in some ways which makes it harder for them to come across so people understand them. They are surely the greatest performers in the bedroom, otherwise could be known as 'freaks'.
Mutsa's come across as having low confidence and not as brave, which is true, that is why Mutsa's like attention and compliments because without the attention they have very low confidence in themselves.
girlfriend: "Hey honey, what you doing?"
boyfriend: "Nothing just with the guys tonight"
boys' friend: "I don't know why you with her, she's no Mutsa"
boyfriend: "I know but i do like her, but i do sometimes wish she was a Mutsa, damnn they girls is sexy as hellll!"
boy's friend: "Init, like they got it all, head to toe, inside and out.... yea but your girl aint too bad i guess"
by jellytott August 21, 2010
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