literal definition: smelling bad or reeking

slang: disgusting, bad, or unappealing.
Bob: He has pimples all over his face.

Joe: Musty!!
by ainm-cleite November 11, 2014
You know when you don't put on any deoderant for about a week or two, yea it's another word for that smell.
I was taking a test in History class, when out of nowhere this stench came across my nose. I smelled all around me to see who it was. Damn those musty Indian Kids in front of me!!
by Willy Wonka's Midget January 22, 2006
A "basic" person, ugly, smelly, needs a wordrobe change and some tips on personal higeine
When you see someone wearing galaxy leggings and a yolo shirt you may utter the word musty
by The real @mustylegend February 18, 2014
1. (n) Marijuana that is no longer fresh, may have mold and/or mildew present. usually found it brick/hard packed form.
"I'm been huntin since wensday, an all peoples got is the musties"
by see "MILES" August 19, 2005
Smelling horrific; a deep and powerful smell as like the armpits smell. Not the person you would most likely want to be sitting next to.
DAMMM !! dat nigga smelling musty as fuck ! I don`t think he`s taken a shower in 5 mo`fucking days !!
by .dUCkkiE. October 17, 2006
dirty, smelly, stanky ass suburban like car that has been used for sex/drugs. This sort of vehicle usually drives around drunk/high hoes that smell bad and have been with many men
"I iz been motorin around deez streets to pick up some dirt hoes all day"
"Really? I corraled many hoes up in my musty suburban last weekend"
"Cool, Do you wanna do hoodrat stuff?"
"No doubt. Lets pick up my homie G Hitmen
by Pontcysyllte Aqueduct February 10, 2011
Meaning really, really drunk...drunk enough that they must get some
That bitch is looking musty!
by StyneUTZ April 29, 2011

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