someone who is very musty means to have a very large penis and is very athletic, charming, and great at basketball. all of the ladies have a thing for him and are dying to check how big his cock really is
Girl1: OMG ! did you see that guy
Girl2: no, shit i missed him what did he look like
Girl1: Damn girl you missed out he was extremely musty!
Girl2: oh gosh im getting wet just thinking of him
by chris mahmud February 16, 2011
A friendless human characterized by a big (and we mean enormous) nose and excessive amounts of dandruff. This poor creature's sole purpose is to make other students feel better about low test grades.

Currently, the owner of Musty's nose is Jonnadiah, but the deed is often passed around in exchange for small sums of money (or Spicy Chicken Sandwiches)
Student: Ah, sh*t, I got a 69 on the AP Euro test. What did you get Musty?
Musty: 42.
Student: Well, at least I'm not you.
by Jonnadiah December 13, 2004
The smell of not showering or using decent deodorant for weeks,horrible stench,foul odor,rancid smell..Usually it's the niggers..since they cant afford decent housing with water to shower...and they love playing basketball all day,and don't have the courtesy to roll on some deodorant..this goes to show how lazy they are,they wont even take 3 seconds to avoid must building up in their dark bodies!! Nasty mothafuckas..I met this one dumb nigger who would actually apply COLOGNE to his underarms..what a nigger! He should have just went out and spent $3.00 like the rest of us do on decent deodorant!When u smell must..u know a broke nigger is hide your jewelry!
"Man!Them niggers smell musty as fuck!"
"I bet the Lakers Locker room smells musty as hell!"
"I tried fucking Laquesha..but as soon as she took her stained underwear off...the smell of must took over my senses!"
by Baby Trigger June 19, 2006
literal definition: smelling bad or reeking

slang: disgusting, bad, or unappealing.
Bob: He has pimples all over his face.

Joe: Musty!!
by ainm-cleite November 11, 2014

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