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The word musto comes from Missouri. It is the fat that hangs over a man's penis when he is severely overweight.
Tyler weres your penis? I don't know my musto's covering it.
by Musto Lover March 12, 2005
A large blue possessed sailing jacket. You can put it on, but you can never take it off.
Dana: ''OMG Katy, you're so fat.''

Katy: ''I know, I'm trying to eat loads so I can burst out of Musto''

Musto: ''You can NEVER escape me!!!!!!!''
by breakfastcoffeecake April 13, 2010
Someone who has an extreme fear of chees and/or stairs.
Whoa dude, why did Nick just freak out.

Oh its okay. There was cheese on the stairs. He's such a Musto.
by FMruisetnod June 21, 2010
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