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The act of tongueing the ass of a lover with diarrhea.
She admittedly ate Taco Bell before our date, and as it turned out, I gave her the ol' mustard plug the next morning.
by Joe Dugger May 04, 2005
A great, American ska band. Awesome music ^^
"We're gonna take on the woooorld, come on every boy, every girl!"
"This is your brain, this is your brain on ska"
by Z-chan June 04, 2004
THE HOTTEST BAND THAT NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT ! the sexiest ska music ever!
Hey katie what song do u wanna have sex too?

by lizers April 14, 2005
The Coolest band that no one knows about. Plays awsome Ska music!!!!
So Eliza have you heard of mustard plug?

Omfg they are the best band ever..we are going to the concert right?

by hottnes March 05, 2005
the BEST ska band EVER from my hometown GRAND RAPIDS,MI
have u ever heard mustard plugs song lolita?
by girl grom GR June 22, 2005
a totally kick ass ska band that no one has heard of. if you ask people if they listen to mustard plug, they look at you as if you had the word "dumbass" stamped on your forehead.
i love skanking to mustard plug!
by spartan73 January 15, 2006
The dried bit of mustard that squirts out of the bottle first. (See also: "lotion booger.")
Dammit! I got a mustard plug on my hot dog!
by jukaswo November 06, 2007
The crust left on the end of the eurthera after sex that makes pee go in several directions simultaneously.
"She got mad when I missed the toilet, but she calmed down when I told her I had a mustard plug."
by Helpful guy. April 11, 2014