A creature lurking on men's faces that can only be tamed by razers/shaving cream or mustache combs, and may emerge from noses.
Dude, your mustache is beast!
by Mr. Brader June 24, 2010
Essentially the same as the English use of "cheers." Can be used in place of good-bye, thank you, congratulations, etc.
Jennifer: "Did you hear my essay was selected for publication"
Bob: "Well done. Mustache."
by Verwoerd July 07, 2009
1) Chris Baker

2) A man with the looks of Adolph Hitler

3) A style of facial hair commonly referred to as a 70's porn accessory.
Hey that guy is sporting a "mustache!!"
by vasectomy71 May 13, 2011
A woman that a homosexual man marries or dates to disguise the fact that he is in fact a homosexual.
Andy : Hey Matt, did you see that chick Evan was making out with last night?
Matt : Yeah. What's up with that, yo?
Duncan : Mustache.
Andy : Oh.
Matt : On.
by notpip November 07, 2005
Music industry dickhead with no mind of their own, who only sprouts obvious statements to impress.
The mustache said if we sold as many records as Britney Spears we would be as successful"

At the meeting the mustache told the band that a gold record was proof of lots of sales.

If the singer was as big a star as Beyonce, then the mustache said he could get more shows for her.
by John Durr July 24, 2008
a shock absorber for a high speed cock sucker
are you going to the cock sucking ralley tonight or are you gonna shave that mustache
by drock August 15, 2004
a person who enjoys killing people with guns..preferably the man/woman with a handlebar mustache.
holy shit that mustache is killing me.
by diana diana diana diana March 16, 2008

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