1. Muscles which harness a extreme power.
2. Strength beyond what the average human can comprehend.
1. Man, I could kill that boy, have you seen my mussos?
2. Don't be a little bitch, put some musso into it.
by Nugget75 June 04, 2006
Top Definition
A person of Muslim orgin, often associated with the excessive wearing of scarves of any kind.
mqrk: "i wanna suck that musso's scarf"

kolan: "DAMN, that musso was fine!"

keet: "razors are the best types of mussos"
by mqrk February 06, 2008
A Muslim.

See also: Muzzo.
Kolan: "DAMN!! That Musso was fine!"
All: "dude..."
by mqrk February 01, 2008

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