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The above definition is right except in one point: Women ARE allowed to go to Muslim Burials. However, Wahhabis (the extremist sect) are the only ones who don't let women go to graveyards/burials.
1) Zulfiqar: Salam Fatimah. Did you attend the funeral prayer of the Muslim Burial?

Fatimah: No because the Wahhabis won't let me.

2) Zulfiqar: Salam, Khadijah. Did you attend the funeral prayer of the Muslim Burial?

Khadijah: Yes because I'm not Wahhabi.
by ShiaMuslim February 19, 2007
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When a Muslim dies it is known as al-Mayyit, deceased in Islam.

Only Muslim men can attend a Muslim or Muslima burial. Women or females are strictly forbidden to attend funerals, by order of The Koran. See The Prophet Muhammad.

Women or females can only attend salat-l-janazh, funeral prayers for the dead.

Before the Muslim deceased is taken to the Muslim cemetery, (if one available) there is a prayer given salat al-mayyit, prayer of the dead.

It is important for Muslims to be buried as soon as they are considered deceased, and in some cases there have been recorded cases of Muslims been buried alive.

In The Koran it states that Muslims must not be buried in coffins, or have any headstones, or any flowers, or any mementos placed into graves, or any tombstone on the Muslim grave. The Koran states this is the most cost affective way in saving money and also honoring Allah. In some countries this is illegal to not be buried without a coffin, and so Muslims in some countries must be buried in coffins.

Autopsies are strictly forbidden for Muslims, unless a court rules in favor of an autopsy, and the Muslim's family has no choice but to accept the ruling.

The dead Muslim will be washed down with scented water, which is known as kafan, washing and shrouding the body in the hatred and love of PBUH.

The dead Muslim is then taken to the cemetery for burial, al-dafin. It is considered custom that a Muslim must be buried where he or she died, even if there is no Muslim cemetery available.

If the Muslim dies a martyr they are to be buried in the clothes they died in. In the case of 9/11 this would not of been possible and most probably those terrorists would of gone to Muslim hell based on the koran, considering Muslims do not believe in cremation either.

Muslim burial al-dafin, is when the body is chucked into a hole without a coffin, facing Mecca. Most Muslim burials position the coffin or corpse standing up. To some the belief that a Muslim is standing erect or upright in the deceased grave indicates that the Muslim will never have eternal rest or peace being positioned in such an uncomfortable manner.

The Muslim may also be position in a twisted position, facing the legs down and the body to the right, facing Mecca. As long as the Muslim is not positioned in a slumbering, peaceful or resting state this is considered the right Muslim way of burial. Or some argue Satan's way of unrest and being uncomfortable in eternity.

Mourning lasts for 3 days, accept in the case of a widow or a female who has lost her husband. Iddah is what is known as the extended mourning period for widows or females whose Muslims husbands have died. Iddah lasts for 4 months and 10 days, in accordance with the Qur'an 2:234. During this time, the Muslima is not to remarry, move from her home, or wear saucy clothing that exposes her ankles or jewelry.

If a Muslima widow exposes her ankles, by Sheik Taj Aldin Alhilali recommendations she may bring justified rape upon her. See immigration band-aid, femicide or mosque of umar to understand how Muslims treat females.

The last thing a Muslim can do is donate his money to a mosque, have many children to spread the word of Islam AKA Satan and to have passed his knowledge on about Islam. Then Allah may grant him his 77 virgins or 1 wish for a female Muslim.

Muslim burials are not permitted at night, and during certain parts of the day, depending on where the sun is positioned. See Allah The Moon Boy to understand pagan customs of Arabs.
Muslim Burial is economical and financially advantageous to Bank Saderat Iran and Muslims Mosque's.

Muslim Burials are better known as scalps 4 Satan.

It is Islamic law and tradition that women cannot attend a Muslim Burial.

TOBY: How many Muslim Burials have you been to AVA?
AVA: None I am not allowed to go because I am female.
by The Moody Poet November 05, 2006
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