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A sex game involving one man and several women. The object of the game is similar to musical chairs with the exception of the man's penis is substituted for the chair. There are a few variations in gameplay, such as the man lays on his back or is standing. Like musical chairs, while the music is playing, all the girls circle the man, and when the music stops, the girl who gets the man's penis in her vagina first wins the round. The reward for winning varies, but can include having sex with the girl first, and then waiting until the man is ready again. Play continues until there is one girl left. She is the loser, and typically must submit to having anal sex as a "punishment."

Sometimes, the game could be played as a sex matchup game instead, with an equal amount of guys and girls, and only one round.
Man:*in a room with a bunch of naked girls* Who wants to play musical penis?

Girls: Yay!!!

*they start playing*

Girl: Yes! I win! Haha! We'll be back in a little while!

*game continues until there is one girl left*

Girl: Aww dammit...I lose.....oh well! *bends over*
by Mr. Roflcoptergoes soisoisoiso April 14, 2011

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