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When you listen to music that sounds so sexy you have an orgasm.
Julia had a music orgasm after listening to Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin.
by Robert Plant July 03, 2006
A powerful/exciting/emotional/feel good sensation one gets when one listens to a song in which they love or connect with passionately.
I listened to 'Brown Eyes Live' by Lady GaGa and it was so amazing I had a music orgasm!
by CherryCherryBoomBoom July 30, 2009
The so called orgasm you get when listening to music. This happens right before the chorus or your favourite part of the song.
John: "OMG I just had a music orgasm when Katey Perry Song (I Kissed a Girl) came on.
Fred: "Thats crazy dude me too"
by Lefan Markus February 20, 2009
Achieving orgasm (or, at the very least, 'eargasm') while listening to music that is not led zeppelin (unless you are Robert Plant). One only needs to listen to MCR's .... xmas gig to know what arma talken bout!
Patrick Stump
Gerard Way
...Think Dirty Thoughts...
I have now achieved Music Orgasm.
by N-to-the-atalie February 26, 2007
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