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A term given to man who has become too attached to a woman, as a result they act like an extreme wussy giving all time and attention to the woman they desire. In severe forms at the end of a relationship the man will do anything to regain the heart of the lost love, often resorting to learning poetry or ranting in many sad and soppy words about how much he loves them.
Men who seem tied to women are usually mushmeister's, this is demonstrated when the man no longer has full free will and becomes almost dominated by the woman he loves.
#sad #heartbreak #wuss #mushmeister general #idiot
by anon  October 17, 2005
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A man who has become far too attached to a woman, and at the end of the relationship acts like a complete wimp and does nothing but winge and moan. Often resorts to ridiculous past-times such as poetry and writing soppy, mushy songs.
Steven is a complete an utter mushmeister (or was at least)
#mushmeister general #mushy #wimpy #wuss #sadboy
by Secrett November 28, 2005
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